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Want to support our channel?

There is no pressure to financially support our channel, you can subscribe, like and comment on our viedos.  We truly enjoy  sharing our experiences with you.  However, here are a few additional options to help us out.



Yes, you can buy us a beer!  Or you can join our beer club and we'll drink a beer in your honor, no matter where we are in the world. Local watering holes preferred.

Our Gear

Check out what we are carrying with us to make our videos.  Every link is an Amazon affiliate link, we get a small commission when you buy after clicking, no additional charges to you.

(Coming Soon)

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Yeah, the best way to help us is free.  Just like and subscribe to our channel.  Talk to us in the comment sections of the videos.  We love to hear from you about your thoughts on our content.  If you liked it or you didn't, that's okay too.  We appreciate your support and can't do this without you.

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